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please do not use my art (including my pixel art) without permission!!

this blog is occasionally nsfw.

weird. my follower count seems to have disappeared for some reason???

Anonymous asked:
"Beesbeesbees. Beesbees. Bees? One singular unit of bees, please."

wow im sorry are you saying the full bees experience is TOO MUCH for you. that you simply can’t take this amount of bees. wow. i have never been so insulted in my LIFE. on this blog we go big or go home. that is the LAW of the LAND

take your single bee and go, pleb >:(

dana it’s not his fault you don’t understand TRUE ARTISTIC GENIUS alright

alex remembered to draw the majesty and everything. Also a totally sick signature

I guess you could argue with all the people he’s eaten he would be a freakishly good artist? but you could also argue that his freakish strength would make drawing impossible in the first place because he’d keep shattering all the pencils and pens with his stupid monkey grip.

zer0 you are getting kind of unreasonable

zer0 you are getting kind of unreasonable


a lot of people were reminded of Digital: A Love Story (free indie game! very good!!) when using space email. so i did it. i made a digital theme for space email. please enjoy it

you can download the theme here

you will need the Stylish extension to use this (chrome link, firefox link, google to see if it’s available if you use a different browser). it’s a lightweight extension that lets you apply themes to various websites by adding custom CSS.


this time its a weird indie game one. go play digital it rules


i did another theme. get it here!

you will need the extension Stylish to use this. you can download it here (chrome) or here (firefox), it’s available for a few other browsers too.

i did another one

someone asked me how to explain how i do galaxies like this a while back

so I finally made this thing where I just sort of, gesture uselessly at my canvas while making high pitched noises of desperation as i attempt to convey something about my pixel art process. so, business as usual??

please don’t use my pixel art without asking!

also have this pixel. i meant to do something for alex’s birthday but unfortunately it’s a little late lmao


i made a space email theme!! you can grab it here. you’ll need the Stylish extension to use it, though

stylish is a browser extension that lets you alter the CSS on webpages using scripts. (chrome link, firefox link - i think it’s available for some other browsers like opera and safari too?)

there’s nothing malicious or anything in the script, you can check my source code on the userstyles.org page if you want to be sure. it just changes the colors and a few images.

please enjoy!!

i’ll draw the ridiculous ms paint requests remaining in my inbox soon, for now have this theme i made in case any of you use space email

im going to go through and tag these “#ms bees” if you guys want to not see my horrible attempts at drawing goofy