HI i'm david and i really like drawing silly fanart and monsters. welcome

this blog is occasionally nsfw.

rarepairs… rarepairs are hell

please don’t use my pixel art without asking first, thanks!

im not super satisfied with how this came out but the world always needs more colexalex so posting it anyway

rhombass asked:
"Have you gotten to play infamous: second so yet? It's p good"

i don’t own a ps4, lmfao

i am forever behind on console gaming because i like to wait until my brother inevitably shells out for one or the price drops $200

i like drawing dave with a little pathetic chin scruff because he is totally the kind of guy whose only facial hair ability is to grow a tiny scruffiness on his chin starting in his mid-teens but he’d be really proud of it and never shave it

all standing in the bathroom on the meteor lookin in the mirror like “damn i look sweet and grown up with a beard. nice” and meticulously grooming it with an itty bitty comb

and then karkat would come in and diss him like “HEY SHITCAPTAIN STOP HOGGING THE COMMUNAL DEFECATION BLOCK OGLING YOUR STUPID JAW HAIR” and dave would accidentally drop his alchemized Cool Youth’s Authentic Beard Wax in the toilet then try very hard to play it off like nothing happened

this one time a while back i was showing my friend how i do silhouettes in pixel art to make my poses more fluid like “yeah look at this silhouette i did im proud gonna make a cool cole macgrath pixel out of this”

and my friend said “im really sorry but it looks like that part in gangnam style where hes screaming at the ass”

and i was like “fuck! you’re right”

so i had to do the thing

I am a very serious pixel artist who does serious pixel artist things

"Read your Axton thing, and I'm late as fuck, but here's how it is with me: I spent weeks watching my mom play him and at fist I wasn't that big into him either. I was pretty sure he was going to be that pretty boy dumb blond who thinks every woman should want him. As I got to know him better through game play, I actually started to like him. He still has his dumb blond moments but it's more goofball than douchebag, plus, he thinks fondly of his ex wife and admits to missing her in the VDay dlc."

youre not too late dont worry! thanks for weighing in. also sorry i take forever to get around to asks sometimes

i guess hes just one of those characters that grows on you from the sound of it. he’s just.. idk, not really my type whereas every other playable (dlc included) immediately grabbed my attention with something interesting and likable about them. just a difference in taste i guess

but ill play him more sometime to try and warm up to him so my group pictures don’t always have 'axton who cares' placeholders in the back

edit: also i forgot to mention its rad that your mom plays bl2 wtf please tell me more about your cool gaming mom. that rules

happy april 13 heres homestuck hate otp

happy april 13 heres homestuck hate otp

picture the main cast of borderlands 2 having a weekly ‘old movie night’

where they watch centuries-old earth movies on the long-outdated format of bluray. and one night they watch the LOTR trilogy

for the rest of the week everyone’s nickname for salvador becomes ‘gimli’ until he finally loses his shit and flips a table over it and it is never spoken of again

they do keep calling zer0 ‘legolas’, though, whose only reaction is serene, earnest confusion

eemamminy asked:
"I absolutely get the generic white male thing about Axton. I had the same impression about him for a long time, until I started to play as him and he became more endearing. What I like is his creepy obsession with his turret. Especially since it seems like he's coping about losing his wife through that. He's by far not my favorite (sal all the way :D), but he's still more interesting than he looks at first. I think the appeal for some people might be aesthetic though?"

him using his turret as a stand-in for his wife sounds pretty funny actually. i never looked at it that way. maybe if i play him more i’ll get fonder

i guess he’s not my type aesthetically either which is part of it. maybe if he was more visibly muscular, an attorney, or his body was wracked by a deadly virus taking over manhattan. step it up, axton

axton hate (more like lukewarm dislike)

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