This is an art blog!!! Get ready for weird fandom art and pixel art maybe. I usually draw Prototype/Infamous and Borderlands 2 but I also do other things. Sometimes I do Animal Crossing QR codes.

This blog is occasionally nsfw.

please do not use my art (including my pixel art) without permission!!

some stuff from draw something 2 recently! i like the pixel brush a lot even if pixeling with your finger or a chubby stylus on a screen the size of an index card is. an interesting experience. i cheated with using the highlighter on the bees one so it isnt entirely pixel hahaha

i need more blues and more greens too Bl i keep buying lots of purples and pinks when i have enough already because they’re pretty rofl

the top two are free draws, the bottom two are words (Bees and Birds, respectively)

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